A new UX strategy for a clearer message


Redesign the whole website so it reflects better the mission of an association called StopSuicide. Before working with me, the association received many phone calls from teens in crisis. Despite the name of the association, they do not help suicidal teens: they work with schools and media to raise awareness about suicide and train journalists on how to report about suicide.

How could make the mission more clear for website visitors, without changing the name of the association? One of the biggest work was to create a new information architecture so people can find the relevant information quicker.

Screenshot of the old homepage of StopSuicide.ch
StopSuicide homepage before redesign


  • Heuristic analysis based on the criteria of Bastien and Scapin
  • Customer interviews to gather requirements and align the website to the association strategy
  • Creation of a new information architecture
  • Dynamic prototypes with Axure
  • Accompaniment of the implementation with the developer


Thanks to a new information architecture, the mission of the association is clearer. The association did not receive any more phone calls from suicidal teens, who had access to the right phone numbers on the website.

The rich collection of statistics and guidelines for journalists is easier to access: the fundamental reflection has borne fruit.

My recommendations and my designs have been implemented through a fruitful collaboration with the graphic designer and the developer.

Screenshot of the new homepage of StopSuicide.ch
Homepage of Stop Suicide after the redesign