Remote usability testing to choose best design version


Complete overhaul of the website of an administrative department with six different services. Create a strong consistency for the department, aligned with the department’s strategy.


  • Unmoderated online user test: writing tasks, setting up the A/B testing, analyzing the results
  • Wireframes created on PowerPoint to ease the collaboration with non-designer colleagues
  • Presentation of the results to the hierarchy to help take strategic decision


A total of 47 students took part in the online user test to complete 9 tasks.

The recommendations based on the quantitative results have been implemented for all the services of the department.

Results of usability testing: Heatmap of clicks
Result of the user test on one of the tasks of the usability testing, in the form of a heat map: number of clicks made on the wireframe. The results of the test allowed to choose one of the version of the wireframes, which obtained better success rates. With those user tests results in hand, I was also able to help the management in taking strategic decisions for the department.