How to make great screenshots?

Screenshots are very useful to pass information on. When you have to send some comments on a particular part of a design or wireframe or website, it is far easier to make a print screen of it to point what you are referring to. It is even better when you can add some text and pointers to it.

How To Make Great Screenshots

Just sharing my profesionnal experience with you!

This is not a paid article and it does not contain affiliated links. I recommend this software based on my experience with it over the years. I use it a lot when I perform an assessment of a website, both for me, to gather information about the improvement areas, and for my clients, to show concretly what I refer to.

SnagIt: a complete and powerful software

I’ve been using SnagIt by Techsmith for years. It’s a powerful and complete tool that allows to make print screen of high quality. SnagIt comes with its own graphic edition software, which means you can edit and comment your screenshots.

I find it easy to use. After I press the PrintScreen button on my keyboard, I am able to capture an specific area, a window or a scrolling webpage. In the latest version, you can even adjust your selection before the capture is actually done – magic!!

Video by SnagIt, TechSmith

I also regularly change the option of having the cursor included or not. When I am creating a tutorial, I like to include the cursor on the screenshot, to point where to click. Otherwise, I prefer not to have the cursor, as I find it can be a distraction.

Another useful feature allows you to blur or pixelize some parts of the picture. I used this feature on my post on the best way to display events: I blurred the logo and the texts on the screenshot, so you cannot identify the website I am talking about.

Free alternative: FireShot

If you don’t do a lot of screenshot and thus prefer not to pay for SnagIt, I recommend to use FireShot. It is a free Firefox extension. You can capture webpages, annotate them, and then save the pictures to share them.

Is it worth it to pay for a screenshot software?

The main difference between FireShot and SnagIt is that FireShot captures only webpages. Since it is a Firefox add-on, you can use only when you’re using Firefox. If you want to make a screenshot of another software, you cannot use FireShot (you can always hit the PrtScn button, open Paint and paste to get a screenshot of your entire screen if you’d like!).

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