Defining a UX strategy for a new website


Create a site from scratch to consolidate all sustainable development initiatives in the canton of Geneva and encourage students to set up projects in the field.


  • Customer interviews to understand the requirements
  • Reading of academic documents written by the client
  • Defining the UX strategy with the client
  • Drafting of specifications
  • Development of the information architecture
  • Static mockups for the customer and for the developer
  • Follow-up of the technical implementation


Successfully managed the whole project, from first analysis of the client’s needs to delivery of the final website. I was able to give relevant strategical advice to the client while advocating for target users, and to coordinate the technical implementation of each decision.

The site contains both static information on sustainable development (thematic files, history of the domain), a calendar of events and internal training, and a platform to connect students who wish to develop their projects.

Screenshot of the homepage of JINX project
Screenshot of the homepage of JINX project