I'm passionate about the people behind the screens and making the world better

Louiselle Morand Salvo - Portrait

Hi! I’m Louiselle, and I am a UX designer specialised in User Research and UX Strategy. My goal is to make technology work well with people.

During my studies in psychology, I fell in the love with the field of Human-Computer Interactions (HCI): it’s all about creating great interfaces between computers and people who are using it.

As Steve Jobs once said: “It’s not faith in technology, it’s faith in people”: I focus my work on the humans behind the screens to make technology that helps them and empower them.

When someone has difficulty finding information on a website or has trouble using a device, I believe that the problem lies in the technology – not the person. It’s our job to find a way to make the technology easier to use so that people you use it feel happy when interacting with it.

I accompany game changers who want to

  • Create a stronger link with the people so they are compelled to action
  • Speak a language that strikes a chord with the population
  • Worry less about their website to have more time going on the field

Creating user-friendly websites – areas of work:

  • Clarifying the goal of a given website
  • Describing the people who will come and visit the website
  • Identifying the functionalities of the upcoming website
  • Hearing and seeing what visitors do on the website
  • Reading the reality of the website’s visitors with data and observation of their online behaviour
  • Going beyond the screens and reaching out to actual and current online visitors

My mission

We can all contribute to create the world a better place – no matter where we live, how old we are, what job we do.

I chose to serve humanity by creating and improving websites, and by doing it with empathy, open-mindedness, authenticity, honesty. I believe our values is what makes the difference.

My education

I graduaded from the University of Geneva (Switzerland):

  • Bachelor degree in psychology
  • Master in learning and teaching technologies
  • PhD in psychology: human-computer interactions